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Meet Kayla

There are two philosophies I take into every session. First, is the idea that everyone is somebody's grandma. I treasure the photos I have of my grandparents and ancestors. I love to see the clothes they wore, the places they went, and what their home looked like. I incorporate this into every session by reminding myself of this: one day, someone is going to look back on these photos and think, "There's grandma."

The second philosophy is actually just a quote from Paul Child about his wonderful, giant-among-women wife, Julia. "Life without you is like unsalted food." That is endlessly inspiring to me.


If I'm not taking photos, I'm probably watching a movie, eating, buying used clothes or books, and I'm definitely with my husband and family because I literally never want to spend a minute away. 

Thanks to Alice Shoots People and various friends and family (and one stranger) for these photos that mean stuff to me

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